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    About Me

    Who’s Blog is It Anyway?

    Hi! I’m Amanda! (cue the Hi Amanda chorus). I’m a 30 year old mama from the DC metro area! I’m mama to Griffin (2) and wife to my high school sweetheart Chris. By day I’m a Staff Development Teacher in the local school district (I’m a teacher of teachers and I lead professional development inside the school). By night I’m a professional racecar track (yes, you read that right), dragon trainer, and all the other jobs I get assigned based on what Griffin is playing with.

    Blogging is something that I’ve always been drawn to. I’ve had a place where I could write down my thoughts, my wishes, my dreams for as long as I can remember. Whether it be a cool Lisa Frank journal that I bought at the bookfair. Or LiveJournal (who remembers LiveJournal and Xanga?) when it was the “thing” to do. I even started a blog where I could keep my weekly pregnancy updates for when I was pregnant with Griffin. None of them ever really stuck.

    The older Griffin gets, the more that I realize these tiny moments that are so amazing, are fleeting. I want to make sure I take time to document them. Before I know it he’ll be three and then moving off to college.

    You will definitely see a lot of posts about Griffin’s antics that I don’t want to forget as time passes. Not to mention those motherhood antics as well. I also hope to include some tips and tricks that have made my journey along the way that much easier!