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    Water Lantern Festival 2019

    We had an amazing time this Saturday at the Baltimore Water Lantern Festival. It was awesome that this year Griffin was a little bit older so that he had the opportunity to decorate his own lantern (really Chris’ lantern). We arrived early again this year, especially since we were at a different venue which was a great choice because we got a fantastic seat not too far away from the water or the food.

    This year as invitees we even got a mandala tapestry which made the perfect blanket for G and I to sit upon. As an added upgrade this year the Water Lantern Festival offered air sofas which are just as comfortable as they sound and also will come in handy for other summer events that we have planned.

    Another awesome upgrade this year is that the Baltimore venue was much smaller which made getting down to the water for launch a much easier process! Both Griffin and I were able to get right down to the dock to launch our lanterns. They even did a staggered launch this year which allowed us to launch and scamper before we got to close to bedtime (which also can equal meltdown time).

    We definitely had the best time and hope to go back year after year!