Whipped Cream Marbled Easter Eggs

Easter egg dying is one of my favorite childhood memories from this holiday. The little tablets, the vinegar, the multi-colored cups! I loved it! I loved dying the eggs more than I loved hunting for them to be perfectly honest.

This year for our Easter egg dying I wanted to do something different because it’s Griffin’s first time. I saw a way to marble Easter eggs that used Barbasol or another brand of shaving cream and I thought, “How could I make this a little more child friendly?” Whipped cream! A delicious alternative to shaving cream! Not only did we have a great time dying our eggs, we had a blast sampling our dying substance.


  1. Hard boil your eggs. After they have cooled, submerge them in a vinegar bath for two minutes, rinse and set aside. (Vinegar helps with the vibrancy of the colors).
  2. Spread whipped cream into a shallow pan or a baking sheet.
  3. Add food coloring (I used gel colors) and spread them around with a toothpick or a spoon.
    • Spread minimally so that you are able to get swirls of color and not just color blocks.
  4. Roll the eggs using a spoon into the colored cream. (One good roll will suffice to keep the colors from getting muddy).
  5. Let the eggs sit for 10 minutes to let the colors work their magic.
  6. Rinse in cold water (I accidentally used hot for two and the color really leeched away).
  7. Finally, crack and eat or put them in the refrigerator for later!
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